1997 Color USA 194 Minutes

Rochelle Rose + Frances FisherBilly ZaneMolly Brown


Leonardo DiCaprioTitanic begins deep under the ocean (over two and half miles below the surface). Brock Lovett (Bill Paxton), an explorer, is hoping to find a valuable 56 carat diamond which was believed to be in the Titanic. He finds something else, a drawing of a nude woman, who's wearing the diamond. After showing the picture on the TV, Rose Calvert (Gloria Stuart) travels to the wreck and claims to be the woman in the picture. She describes a love affair she had with a farmboy named Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio).

aHe wins a ticket on Titanic with a lucky poker hand, only to meet the glamorous young Rose (Kate Winslet). Jack is intelligent, and possesses great artistic talent, but is a man of very little means. He is entranced by her beauty, but unfortunately so is her rich, snobby fiance Cal (Billy Zane). When Rose falls for Jack, it's real, it's hard and it's fast, as he teaches her to enjoy life, and relish the passion they share for each other...


Directed by James Cameron

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Kate Winslet + Leonardo DiCaprio


Within 17 days it will be Danny Nucci`s 47th birthday. (September 15, 1968)


The movie was shot:
At Rosarito beach in Mexico
At the floor of the North Atlantic
and in the National liberty ship memorial in San Francisco.

Release date: November 1, 1997

Art direction
Costume Design
Direction - >James Cameron
Film Editing
Music (Original Dramatic Score)
Music (Original Song) -> My Heart Will Go On
Best Picture
Sound Effects Editing
Visual Effects

Oscar nominations:
Best Actress -> Kate Winslet
Best Actress -> Gloria Stuart
Best Makeup

Titanic ranks number 6 in the American box-office rankings.
Grossing adjusted for inflation -> $821 m. It’s plausible that it’s worldwide gross of $1.8 billion is the largest all time even if inflation were accounted for. Source / More (Web)

A full scale model of 780 feet long (with a few sections taken out, because no one would notice) of one half of the Titanic was constructed on a beach in Mexico. In the scenes portraying the ship at the Southampton dock, all shots were reversed to give the appearance of the port side of the ship, as it was actually docked in 1912. This required the painstaking construction of reversed costumes and signage to complete the illusion.

Cameron forfeited his $8 million director's salary and his percentage of the gross when the studio became concerned at how much over budget the movie was running.

On the real Titanic James Dawson worked as a trimmer: someone who stows the coal and cargo on board. His gravesite, in Halifax, Nova Scotia (where many Titanic victims are buried) became a tourist attraction after the release of this film.

James Cameron said that the 40,000 gallons of water dumped into the corridor set were not enough, and asked for triple that amount. The set had to be rebuilt to stand up under the additional weight of water.

In 1938 the famous producer David O’Selznick tried to lure Alfred Hitchcock from England to the United States to direct Titanic for him. Selznick envisioned a balanced production, part melodrama, part spectacle. Hitchcock was not interested. Source / More (Book)

There is some discussion about the song the string orchestra played while the Titanic sank. According to contempary eyewitness accounts it was Nearer my God, to Thee. Source / More (Book)

The Titanic was 882 ft 9 in (269 meters) long, 92 ft 6 in (28 meters) wide, and 60 ft (18 m) height.

The unsinkable Titanic hit an iceberg during her maiden trip in 1912. More than half of the 2224 passengers drowned.

Others say it was the waltz Songe d’Automme (and not Autumn). Source / More (Book)