The longest day

1962 USA Black / White 180 Minutes

Heinz ReinckeJohn WayneHans Christian Blech


Sometimes I wonder whose side God´s on

Kenneth More In the fourth year of World War II Dwight D. Eisenhower, the supreme commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces, made up the force of some two million men massed in England for the strike at Europe. The film follows the German and Allied (American, British, French and Canadian) forces and shows a range of stories.

Richard Münch We see the commands posts occupied by the Germans. During the night the French resistance (Irina Demick and Maurice Poli) blow up trains and cut German communications. Colonel Vandervoort (John Wayne) and his airborne contingent are misdropped in the middle of a French suburb, and most of the men are machine-gunned as they fall from the sky. The film reaches its peak when the two sides in the battle are engaged at the beaches.


Directed by Andrew Marton (USA), Ken Annakin (England), Bernhard Wicki (Germans), Gerd Oswald (Parachute landing) and Daryl F. Zanuck

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Eye witness to history


Robert Mitchum


Photo of Peter Lawford

Within 4 days it would have been Peter Lawford`s (Lord Lovat) 92th birthday.
* September 7, 1923
† December 24, 1984

Within 5 days it would have been Jean-Louis Barrault`s (Father Roulland) 105th birthday.
* September 8, 1910
† January 22, 1994

Within 10 days it will be Maurice Jarre`s 91th birthday. (September 13, 1924)
(Music composer)

Within 14 days it would have been Roddy McDowall`s (Morris) 87th birthday.
* September 17, 1928
† October 3, 1998

Within 16 days it would have been Ray Danton`s (Captain Frank) 84th birthday.
* September 19, 1931
† February 11, 1992


Release date: September 25, 1962

The movie was filmed in:
Cyprus, France and the studio.

23,000 troops were supplied by the U.S., England and France for the filming of this movie.

Darryl F. Zanuck: “Only the actual invasion was possibly more complicated than this recreation”

Journalist Cornelius Ryan began working on the book The longest day in the mid-1950s, while the memories of the D-day participants were still fresh. He spent three years interviewing D-day survivors in the United States and Europe.
The book is divided into three parts: The Waiting, The Night and The Day. Source / More (Book)

The encyclopedia says about the longest day:
About June 22, the sun is directly overhead at noon at the Tropic of Cancer. In the Northern Hemisphere the longest day and shortest night of the year occur on this date, marking the beginning of summer. Source / More (Web)

The Allied invasion of the European continent (D-day) through Normandy began on June 6, 1944. The plan, known as Operation Overlord, had been prepared since 1943. General Dwight D. Eisenhower had supreme command over its execution. Source / More (Web)



John Wayne

John Wayne
I never trust a man that doesn't drink


Wayne told a group of friends after a private screening of Midnight cowboy that he thought that actors Hoffman and Voight were great. A few days later he wondered: “Whoever thought I’d say good things about a movie featuring a gigolo, a homeless Italian dwarf, and gang rape”.


May 26, 1907

Born as:

Marion Robert Morrison


June 11, 1979

Raised in California, Marion went to USC on a football scholarship. During summer vacations he was employed as a third-string prop man in the Fox-studio's and on the set he became close friends with director John Ford for whom he began doing bit parts.

Wayne got his break winning the the lead in Fox's upcoming Western epic The big trail. He changed his name in John Wayne and became in 1939 a star in the role of The Ringo kid in Stagecoach.

In 1948 for the first time, critics sat up and took notice when the duke starred in Howard Hawks' Red River (1948). The 50s gave Wayne an opportunity to depth and poignancy in films like She wore a yellow ribbon (1949), Rio Grande (1950), The Searchers (1956) and Rio Bravo (1959).

In real life he was a patriot, an ultra-American who reflected his right-wing political stance in The Alamo (1960) and in The green berets (1968). John won his only Academy Award with True Grit (1969).

Academy awards

1970 Won Best actor for: True grit (1969)
1961 Nominated Best picture for: The Alamo(1960)
1950 Nominated Best actor for: Sands of Iwo Jima (1949)

Selected Movies:


S. Zmijewsky and B. Zmijewsky and M. Ricci -> The Complete Films of John Wayne (1983/1995)
Randy Roberts and James S. Olson -> John Wayne, American (1995)
Ronald L. Davis -> Duke: The Life and Image of John Wayne (1998)
Emanuel Levy -> John Wayne: Prophet of the American Way of Life (1988/1998)