Photo of Eduardo Fajardo

If you're a coffin maker, you sure did pick a good town to settle.

Photo of Franco NeroDjango (Franco Nero), a mysterious lone gunfighter, arrives in a bleak, mud-drenched town carrying a coffin. In the town there are two murderous factions: a Mexican gang led by the corrupt General Rodriguez (José Bódalo), and the ex-Confederate Klansmen of the brutal Major Jackson (Eduardo Fajardo). Soon, Django, who has a personal vendetta against Jackson, finds himself in league with the Mexicans to steal Jackson's go

Photo of José BódaloDjango becomes a force to be reckoned with when it's discovered his coffin contains a Gatling gun. He is an ex-Yankee soldier whose wife was killed by the Major while he was away fighting. Now he's come back to settle the score and starts spilling plenty of blood on both sides.


  • Ángel Álvarez - Nataniele the bartender
  • Cris Huerta - Mexican Officer
  • Eduardo Fajardo - Maj. Jackson
  • Franco Nero - Django
  • Gino Pernice - Brother Jonathan
  • Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia - Klan Member (as Ivan Scratuglia)
  • Guillermo Méndez - Klan Member
  • José Bódalo - Gen. Hugo Rodriguez
  • José Canalejas - Member of Hugo's Gang (as José Canalejas)
  • José Terrón - Ringo - Jackson Henchman with Scar
  • Loredana Nusciak - Maria
  • Luciano Rossi - Miguel - Klan Member
  • Lucio De Santis - Whipping Bandit
  • Rafael Albaicín - Member of Hugo's Gang
  • Silvana Bacci - Mexican Prostitute (uncredited)
  • Simón Arriaga - Miguel
  • Sergio Corbucci - Director
  • Bruno Corbucci - Story
  • Bruno Corbucci - Screenplay
  • Franco Rossetti - Screenplay
  • Franco Rossetti - Story
  • Sergio Corbucci - Screenplay
  • Sergio Corbucci - Story
  • Luis Bacalov - Composer
  • Manolo Bolognini - Producer
  • Sergio Corbucci - Producer
  • - Django / Composed by Luis Bacalov / Lyrics by Franco Migliacci

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