Big Jake

Photo of Christopher Mitchum, Ethan Wayne and John Wayne

Say, you don't look too good. The sight of blood bother you?

One day a bunch of murderous outlaws led by John Fain (Richard Boone) go to the McCandles ranch house, coldbloodedly murder ten people, and abduct Martha's (Maureen O'Hara) eight-year-old grandson, Little Jake (John Ethan Wayne). They leave a ransom note demanding one million dollars. Martha—quite sure that this job requires an extremely harsh and unique kind of man to handle it— calls her husband (John Wayne), absent for several years, to pay the ransom, and bring back home the little boy alive.

Big Jake is joined by his two sons, Michael (Chris Mitchum) and James (Patrick Wayne), as well as by an old Indian friend, Sam Sharpnose (Bruce Cabot). At the same time, a group of Rangers moves out in their 1909-era automobiles and sets a trap for the kidnappers. This modern approach doesn't work, and Jake and his resentful boys must do the job alone.


  • Chico Hernandez - Boy on Town
  • Bernard Fox - Scottish Shepherd
  • Bill (William) Walker - Moses Brown
  • Bobby Vinton - Jeff McCandles
  • Bruce Cabot - Sam Sharpnose
  • Christopher Mitchum - Michael McCandles
  • Chuck Roberson - Texas Ranger
  • Dean Smith - James William Kid Duffy
  • Don Epperson - Saloon bully in Escondero
  • Ethan Wayne - Little Jake McCandles
  • Everett Creach - Walt Devries
  • George Fenneman - Narrator (voice)
  • Glenn Corbett - O'Brien
  • Gregg Palmer - John Goodfellow
  • Hank Worden - Hank
  • Harry Carey Jr. - Pop Dawson
  • Jeff Wingfield - Billy Devries
  • Jerry Gatlin - Stubby
  • Jerry Summers - Escondero Hotel Desk Clerk
  • Jim Burk - Trooper (Fain gang member)
  • Jim Davis - Head of lynching party
  • John Agar - Bert Ryan
  • John Doucette - Buck Duggan
  • John McLiam - Army Officer
  • John Wayne - Jacob Jake McCandles
  • Maureen O'Hara - Martha McCandles
  • Michael E. Burgess - Little Boy
  • Patrick Wayne - James McCandles
  • Richard Boone - John Fain
  • Robert Warner - Will Fain
  • Roy Jenson - Gunman at bathhouse in Escondero
  • Tom Hennesy - Mr. Sweet
  • Virginia Capers - Delilah
  • George Sherman - Director
  • John Wayne - Director
  • Harry Julian Fink - written by
  • R(ita) M. Fink - written by
  • Elmer Bernstein - Composer
  • Michael (A.) Wayne - producer

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