The Hound of the Baskervilles

Photo of Ian Richardson and Denholm Elliott

But without the imagination Watson, there would be no horror.

Sherlock Holmes (Ian Richardson) receives a visit from the physician Dr. Mortimer (Denholm Elliott). Mortimer tells him the story of the curse that haunts the Baskerville family. The ancestor Sir Hugo Baskerville pursued and murdered a servant girl, only to then be killed himself by a supernatural hound.

Mortimer explains that the present Sir Charles Baskerville has just died a few days earlier. Holmes agrees to meet the nephew, Sir Henry, the last of the Baskervilles, who will take over Baskerville Hall in Dartmoor. Sherlock, pressed with other business, sends Dr. Watson to accompany Sir Henry to the dreary estate and keep a watchful eye for the mysterious goings-on Holmes anticipates. But The game's afoot and Sherlock Holmes may not be so far from the scene as he lets on.


  • Brian Blessed - Geoffrey Lyons
  • Cindy O'Callaghan - Maid
  • Connie Booth - Laura Lyons
  • David Langton - Sir Charles Baskerville
  • Denholm Elliott - Dr. Mortimer
  • Donald Churchill - Dr. John Watson
  • Edward Judd - Barrymore
  • Eleanor Bron - Mrs. Barrymore
  • Eric Richard - Cabbie
  • Francesca Gonshaw - Young Girl in Mire
  • Glynis Barber - Beryl Stapleton
  • Ian Richardson - Sherlock Holmes
  • Martin Shaw - Sir Henry Baskerville
  • Michael Burrell - Shop Owner
  • Nicholas Clay - Jack Stapleton / Sir Hugo Baskerville / Bearded Man
  • Peter Rutherford - Selden
  • Ronald Lacey - Inspector Lestrade
  • Douglas Hickox - Director
  • Arthur Conan Doyle - novel The Hound of the Baskervilles
  • Charles Edward Pogue - screenplay
  • Michael J. Lewis - Composer
  • Alan Rosefielde - associate producer
  • Eric Rattray - associate producer
  • Otto Plaschkes - producer
  • Sy Weintraub - executive producer

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