Gunfight at the O.K. Corral

All gunfighters are lonely. They live in fear. Photo of Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster

Wyatt Earp (Burt Lancaster) saves cardsharp and terminally-ill gunslinger Doc Holliday (Kirk Douglas) from a lynch mob. Later, Wyatt receives a call for help from his marshal brother Virgil in Tombstone. Wyatt, his two other brothers Morgan and James and Doc are now the town's lawmen.

They must put an end to the cattle-rustling activities of Ike Clanton (Lyle Bettger) and his brothers. All agree that Wyatt should be in charge of the situation. The Clantons decide to ambush the lawman while he makes his rounds, but they mistakenly kill his brother James instead. The next morning, the Clanton family head into Tombstone to face the Earps. Holliday joins the Earp brothers as they head for the O.K. corral.



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