Dr. Strangelove

1964 U.K. Black /White 93 Minutes

Sterling HaydenKeenan WynnGeorge C. Scott


Purity of Essence

Peter SellersA commander of an American Air Force Base, Jack D. Ripper (Sterling Hayden), goes crazy and orders his planes to drop their nuclear weapons on Russia. The only man standing between Ripper and nuclear holocaust is a British liaison, Captain Mandrake (Peter Sellers), who listens with disbelief to Rippers' ranting's.

Peter SellersWhen the American president finds out, he calls the Russian Premier to downplay the upcoming attack as an accident. But the Premier tells him that a nuclear attack on Russia will trigger the Doomsday device, which will end all human life. With the help of the ex-nazi scientist Dr. Strangelove (Peter Sellers), and Mandrake, the president must decide how to prevent a nuclear holocaust.


Directed by Stanley Kubrick

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Peter Sellers + Sterling Hayden


Photo of Peter Sellers

Within 10 days it would have been Peter Sellers`s (Dr. Strangelove) 90th birthday.
* September 8, 1925
† July 24, 1980

Within 23 days it will be Tracy Reed`s 73th birthday. (September 21, 1942)
(Miss Scott)


Release date: January 29, 1964

Oscar nominations:
Best Actor -> Peter Sellers
Best Director -> Stanley Kubrick
Best Picture ->Stanley Kubrick
Best Writing -> Stanley Kubrick, Peter George, Terry Southern

Peter Sellers was also going to play Major Kong, but the actor broke his leg and was replaced by Slim Pickens.

The movie is based on the novel Red Alert by Peter George (1925-1966). Source / More (Book)

Stanley Kubrick originally wanted to make a tense thriller about the possibility of accidental nuclear war. While writing the script he realized that many scenes he had written were quite funny, so he turned the film into a comedy.

Arthur H. Fellig (1899-1968), alias Weegee was the stills photographer on the film. His voice was high pitched yet muffled and his accent an amalgam of New Yorkerese and German. This was the inspiration for the voice Peter Sellers created for Dr Strangelove. Source / More (Book)



Stanley Kubrick

Photo of Stanley Kubrick
Art consists of reshaping life but it does not create life, nor cause life


Stanley turned down directing a sequel to The Exorcist but decided to direct his own horror film: The Shining.


July 27, 1928


March 7, 1999

Stanley was born in New York City (USA). As a child he was encouraged by his father to take up still photography as a hobby. He entered the field by selling amateur photos to New York's Look magazine. Together with a friend, Kubrick planned a move into film, and so he sank his savings into making the documentary Day of the Fight (1951).

Kubrick's first real film of note was Killer's Kiss (1955) followed by the dark picture The Killing (1956). His breakthrough came with the antiwar movie Paths of Glory (1957) and so Stanley was asked to replace Anthony Mann as the director of the high-budget multistar epic Spartacus (1960). But Kubrick was at odds with both the cast (especially Kirk Douglas) and the crew. The experience was so unpleasant that he forsook Hollywood altogether and moved to London (UK), where he was based ever since.

He made a series of classic films: the sexualized and uproariously comic Lolita (1962), the black comedy Dr. Strangelove (1964), the science-fiction classic 2001: A space odyssey (1968), and the violent A clockwork orange (1971). After Barry Lyndon (1975), Kubrick's filmmaking pace slowed extremely. He made only three more films in the next twenty-five years. Kubrick died shortly after completing his final film, Eyes Wide Shut

Academy awards

1988 Nominated Writing for: Full Metal Jacket (1987)
1976 Nominated Director for: Barry Lyndon (1975)
1976 Nominated Picture for: Barry Lyndon (1975)
1976 Nominated Writing, Screenplay for: Barry Lyndon (1975)
1972 Nominated Director for: A clockwork orange (1971)
1972 Nominated Picture for: A clockwork orange (1971)
1972 Nominated Writing for: A clockwork orange (1971)
1969 Won Oscar Best Effects for:2001: A space odyssey(1968)
1969 Nominated Director for:2001: A space odyssey(1968)
1969 Nominated Writing for:2001: A space odyssey(1968)
1965 Nominated Director for: Dr. Strangelove (1964)
1965 Nominated Picture for: Dr. Strangelove (1964)
1965 Nominated Writing for: Dr. Strangelove (1964)

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