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Classic Movie News

You can trade an actor

Photo of Casablanca

71 years ago: April 24th 1942, Ingrid Bergman signed with Warner Bros. to play Ilsa in Casablanca. She was under contract with David O. Selznick, but he allowed her to do Casablanca in exchange for the right to use actress Olivia de Havilland in another film.
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The master of suspense died in 1980

Photo of Alfred Hitchcock

33 years ago Alfred Hitchcock died aged 80. In May, a year earlier, he finally closed his office at Universal Pictures since it was apparent that he was no longer capable of directing a new picture. In the sixty years before Hitch made classics like North by northwest, Psycho, Vertigo and Rear window
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Disney signed with his first star

Photo of Walt Disney

91 years ago, Virginia Davis’ parents signed a contract with Laugh-O-gram Films, giving her 5% of receipts from showing the film Alice’s Wonderland for starring in the film (April 23, 1923).
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Judy's comeback in 1961

Photo of Judy Garland

On April 23, 1961 Judy Garland made an historic comeback as a singer. Judy, known to audiences since the 1940s, had suffered with illness – doctors feared she would not live. Some physicians even told Garland, only in her late 30s, she would never work again. But the concert was a great success. The live concert album won 5 Grammys and was America's #1 album for 13 weeks.
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Another case for Sherlock

Photo of Sherlock Holmes

127 years ago (April 25, 1887), Sherlock took a vacation at the home of Colonel Hayter, an old friend and wartime patient of Dr. Watson: “A week of spring time in the country was full of attractions to me also”. While there he investigated a burglary/murder. More of this story in The Reigate Puzzle.
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Randolph Hearst was born in 1863

Photo of Citizen Kane

151 years ago (April 29, 1863) William Randolph Hearst was born in San Francisco. He convinced his father to put him in charge of newspaper The Examiner. Orson Welles based this movie, on HearstR17;s life.
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My fair lady premiered on Broadway

Photo of My fair lady

This week 56 years ago (April 29, 1958) the Broadway musical premiered in London. The show kept much of its original Broadway cast, with Stanley Holloway, Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews. It ran for 2,281 performances. For the film version however, Warner Brothers insisted on having Audrey Hepburn since she was a box office star while Andrews was an untested screen presence.
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