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Classic Movie News

Terrorists in France

Photo of The day of the Jackal

40 years ago The day of the Jackal premiered. A hired killer tried to assassinate the French president. In real life the OAS actually did try to assassinate De Gaulle several times. The organization was finally broken by French intelligence.
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Photo of Rear window

59 years ago the Hitchcock classic Rear window premiered. For most of its duration, not a single shot takes place outside the small, lonely apartment of L.B. Jeffries. The movie turns us into unconscious voyeurs.
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Another case for Sherlock

Photo of Sherlock Holmes

107 years ago, during the summer of 1907, Sherlock Holmes would take up the one case we know of during his retirement years, the murder of Fitzroy McPherson. The story, published in 1907, was narrated by Holmes himself, instead of by Dr. Watson.
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Laurel and Hardy’s piefight

Photo of Laurel and Hardy

This week in 1927 Stan and Ollie filmed the pie fight for The battle of the century. Producer Roach purchased a day`s output from the Los Angeles Pie Company. More than 3,000 pies were thrown.
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Photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger

This week 11 years ago (October 8, 2003) Arnold became governor of California, ousting the incumbent, Gray Davis, three years before his term was due to end.
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Clark Gable’s wife died

Photo of Clark Gable

73 years ago (January 16, 1942) Gable’s wife Carole Lombard was on a tour to sell war bonds when the airplane she was traveling in crashed into a mountain near Las Vegas (USA), killing all aboard including Lombard's mother. Clark was devastated by the tragedy and would never recover.
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Edith Wharton was born

Photo of The age of innocence

153 years ago Edith Wharton, US novelist and Pulitzer Prize winning author was born. Her work was mostly set in New York society. It includes The House of Mirth (1905), the rural Ethan Frome (1911), The Custom of the Country (1913), and The Age of Innocence (1921).
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